Crazy Cool Crowded Venice

Our road trip with Ed and Shirley wrapped up with a few great days in Venice. We were fortunate to have an apartment right near Piazza S. Marco so we could come and go to that area with ease. The first night we had a great dinner of seafood gnocchi with a gelato walk to follow, then exploring the area the next day trying to find the British Open on TV for Ed. Turns out the Venetians don’t really have the same respect for golf.

Also that day we took a gondola ride around the area as well as going to the top of the Campanile. To cap the day, the Venetians celebrated the festival of the Redeemer that night with a 40 minute fireworks show going past midnight. The italians don’t start fireworks at dusk, they like them late! Check the video below.

We also brought some bread to Piazza S. Marco to feed the pigeons which both thrilled and horrified Wendy and the kids. I even got the chance to sneak a sketch in.