Just About to Leave

Things are hectic around here as we get close to leaving. The kids are trying to finish the school year and added to that are all Calista’s promotion activities. Next year she goes to junior high!

On top of that we are renting our house while we are gone so that takes a lot of work to remove our personal items and get the place in shape for guests. Lots of projects on Wendy’s honey-do list got done these last months. Steve, the front door still rubs. Added to that we are¬†fixing up the rental house before we leave so it’s a bit crazy.


Still to come is packing for a month, but it will be very warm so we can skip all the cold weather clothes. Wish us luck that the travel Monday goes smooth!


    • Yes, good trip other than being on tarmac in Chicago for 2 hrs. Kerins weather in Rome. Apartment is great. Video to follow soon.

  1. Sounds ideal. Hope you get to visit Parma on the way to Venice to taste the best prociutto. And if its not too much trouble…. bury a bottle of wine there and send me the treasure map so i have a good reason to go.


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