Borghese Gardens

Holaaaa! Or should I say Ciao? Anyway, I am here to tell you about our trip to the Borghese Gardens today, my mom will be telling you about London, soon. We started the day by waking up around 12 (for me :) ) or whenever the rest of my family woke up. Then we had to walk 5 whole blocks to the bus stop and get on a bus taking us to the Borghese Gardens. If I make reference to NY, as my dad did, the Borghese Gardens would be like Central Park. We ended up renting a four person bike (one that has a canopy on top that you usually see people on at the beach) and riding around the part of the gardens. Finally, my dad let Grant and I steer the bike, even though you weren’t allowed to drive it unless you were older than 18. But they had a good reason for that, I think Grant almost killed 10 people! In all I had a very fun time, even if my parents didn’t. I hope they will lets us go back to ride the segways!



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