Calm Sunday Before the Storm

Today was a relatively calm day for being in Rome where we caught up on sleep and got ready for classes to start tomorrow. I started pretty calm yet tense in Rome kind of way when I tried to get to the American mass on time across town but of course the bus was a half hour late. I caught the tail end and then explored the Basilicia of Santa Maria degli Angeli e Martiri which was crazy in the very typical Rome way. The building was once a Roman bath and was later converted to a church by Michelangelo so it is a combination of Roman ruin and renaissance church. I went out the back and found a courtyard that embodied the mixed up nature of most of Rome. See video below.

Later in the day we headed out for some shopping and cruising around Via del Corso where Calista found Brandy Melville and Grant found Mario Balotelli. On the way back we stopped at Largo Argentina to see the cats sleep among the ruins.

Tonight the party continues on streets below and there are fireworks seen from rooftop. Feels like we are living in the French Quarter. This is what passes for a calm day in Rome.

  1. This is so nice to be able to follow you on your family journey! Very interesting and looks like you are all having lots of fun. Thanks for letting me follow along with you. Love you

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