Taking the Class to Orvieto

What a great weekend I had with the students on a quick trip to Orvieto. I left the family in Rome and boarded a train to Orvieto where we spent couple days and a night. We went into the Duomo in the morning and came out to find Kevin Costner’s band doing a sound check for a 4th of July performance that night. What a nice surprise. Kasey Musgraves (country singer I don’t know) and and orchestra and choir played. The highlight of course was a great tenor singing Nessun Dorma with fireworks going off on the final crescendo.

That day we also went down the well of S. Patrizio, a marvel of renaissance architecture and engineering. It goes 175 deep with a double helix staircase in the walls of it. Good to have if your town in under siege.

Here’s the video of the finale with photos from Orvieto below.

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  1. Your Ovieto weekend must have been a memorable experience. Nessum Dorma with fireworks. Wow!!

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