Playing Hooky in Civita

Yesterday was a great new experience as I left my class for the day with the other instructor and took the 7:52 am (!) bus to a town I’ve never been to but heard a lot about. Civita di Bagnoregio is a cliff top island of a town that can only be accessed by a footbridge from the neighboring town. If you saw The Amazing Race this past Spring they did the donkey race and building the donkey cart there. As you can imagine if there are no roads to there you better learn to love your donkey for getting you and your stuff in and out. Now it’s the three wheeled motorcycle-cart.

Every single street is immaculately maintained and the town is just restaurants, a couple hotels and artisans as normal life has left there a while ago. I met an artist, Kelly Medford who I have been corresponding with along with a sketching workshop group led by Stephanie Bower who has a fellowship to document Civita in sketches over the summer. Sweet gig! I got to do a few watercolors and had a nice lunch in probably the most scenic town I’ve seen in my life.

Later in the day I caught up with the class in Orvieto and took the train back to Rome with them. Below isa quick vid from the middle of the bridge and some photos and sketches.

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  1. Wow, how fun. Nice watercolors too. How can I apply for a fellowship to paint Civita? Must be difficult to choose where to go next, but Orvieto must of been special. I like the white fedora summer hat (hint)

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