Welcome! Here’s What We Are Up To

Hey there! We are about to embark on a family adventure to Europe in a couple days. If everything goes well, it will be an adventure of a lifetime for our family. I hope that we can update this blog as we go to keep you in the loop. Here’s our schedule:

Monday June 23rd Chris leaves for Rome with his students and Wendy, Grant and Calista leave for London. Wendy and the kids will be in London for a couple nights to get a quick tour of all the things the kids have read about in school. On the 26th they fly to Rome and catch up with Chris in our apartment in the Trastevere neighborhood. We will be spending a month there with trips on the weekend to various places in Italy.

For Chris’ class we will be exploring Rome chronologically so the first week is ancient Rome which Calista just studied this Spring in school. Then on to Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical Rome. Lisa will be joining us for a few days as well as my parents.

The first weekend is open followed by a trip to Orvieto the following weekend, then the Amalfi Coast the 3rd weekend. Lastly we will be taking a road trip with Ed and Shirley up through Tuscany to Venice and back. We finish with Tivoli Gardens and a student show of work, then home July 24th.

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